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Established in 2005, PT. Prima Untung Bersama is a leader in bringing Indonesia industrial market the best power transmission productions and services.

We pride ourselves in developing long lasting partnerships with our customers to identify the best products and services for our customers, and deliver those products and services at the right time and prices.

We carry the following brands which provide the best products in its area
- SIT Italy : V-pulley,Timing Pulley & HTD, Couplings, Sprockets, Beltings
- Diamond Chain USA : High quality Roller Chain ANSI-BS standard
- Drives USA : High quality conveyor chain
- LINN GEAR USA: Sprockets, Gear, and Made-to-order according to your specification
- R+W Germany: Bellow coupling, torque limiters, elastomer couplings
- STARKZ : Powerlocks, couplings, sprockets

Our customers come from a wide range of industry such as Food & Beverage Processing, Chemical Processing, Oil Processing, Mining & Exploration, Water Treatment, Utilities, Tobacco, Pulp & Paper, Textile, Cement Industry, Ceramic && Tile, Steel, and Feed & Fertilizer Processing.

Our Motto:
" We are not just selling parts. We are more to partners"

We partner with you to provide the right product and service, and we deliver the product & service to you at the right time and the right price. We pride ourselves in developing a long lasting partnership with you, our customers, and we value this partnership above anything else.
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