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oil field logoRoller chains used in the oil industry are subjected to some of the greatest loads and harshest environments. These conditions are far more severe than usually found in industrial applications. These oil field chains can be either single strand or multiple strands, utilizing both riveted and cottered type construction.
We produce our drive chains with the same attention to detail that goes into all our products, but additionally these models are subjected to performance testing in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) Specification 7F. Users of our chains can be certain they are receiving the highest quality, best-performing roller chains by examining the label on the box which proudly displays the API logo. Only those companies which have established quality systems, approved and routinely audited, are authorized to display this symbol.
The following list of chain sizes and configurations are those which meet or exceed the performance criteria defined in API Specification 7F. It is highly recommended that multiple strand chains used in oil field applications be constructed with press-fit center plates.

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