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Though it’s referred to as standard chain, it’s anything but. Our Standard Series chains, built to ASME/ANSI B29.1 standards, are manufactured to very specifi c requirements. The only thing standard about our chains are their ability to fi t many standard applications. From industry to agriculture, our Standard Series chains are designed to last longer than any other manufacturer’s roller chain.

Chain Components
cc1 cc2 cc3 cc4 cc5
connecting link cotter pin type two-pitch offset link assembly press-fit type single-pitch offset link slip-fit roller link BCL connecting link bushed center plate link

Multiples Standard Chain
msc1 Bushed Center Plate Assembly
msc2 3 - pitch section of chain
msc3 4 - pitch offset link assembly
msc4 5 - pitch section of chain

standard chain

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Prior to the ASME/ANSI standards, Diamond Chain produced many chains having unique dimensions, often for very specifi c applications. After industry’s adoption of ASME/ANSI standards many of these chains became the current Standard or Heavy Series chains, but some did not. Diamond recognizes that a considerable amount of industrial & oilfield equipment still utilize these unique chains and so whenever possible, we continue to produce them. The information below may be useful in identifying your “non-standard, but still very important” model.

non standard chain

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Heavy Series chains, also built in accordance with ASME/ANSI B29.1, are designed using link plate material from the next larger size chain. Heavy Series chains are not necessarily stronger than Standard Series chains, but the thicker link plate material provides an increase in fatigue resistance for those drives subjected to heavy shock loads, multiple stops/starts or reversing.

heavy chain

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