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TRASCO® ES - Zero backlash

TRASCO® ES - GESP GESF execution

"GESF" - "GESP" standard type

"GESF" - "GESP" standard type
Giunti di trasmissione TRASCO ES® - Giunti serie GESM

"GESM" execution

“GESM” execution with clamp hubs.
Giunti di trasmissione TRASCO ES® - Giunti serie GESA

"GESA" execution

“GESA” type - shrink disc execution
TRASCO® ES - GESAP execution

"GESAP" execution

“GESAP” type - shrink disc excution according to DIN 69002
TRASCO® ES - "GESS" execution

"GESS" execution

“GESS” type double cardanic
TRASCO® ES - "GES LR1" execution

"GES LR1" execution

“GES LR1” execution with intermediate shaft
TRASCO® ES - "GES LR3" execution

"GES LR3" execution

"GES LR3" execution with intermediate shaft

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