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  Category : SIT | Polyurethane belts and pulleys | EAGLE Pd™ polyurethane

Polyurethane belts and pulleys

Transmissions and linear motions
Polyurethane belts

Polyurethane belt timing drives.


• T (2,5;5;10;20)
• AT (5;10;20)
• XL, L, H, XH
• HTD (3;5;8;14)
• RTD (5;8;14)
• STD (5;8;14)
• EAGLE (5;8;14)
• F (1;2;2,5;3)

Standard pulleys, bars and camping plates in aluminium alloy.

Belt production:

  • “ OPEN END” open or heat jointed
  • “ENDLESS” continuous, made by sleeve
  • “ENDLESS” continuous, “ELA-Flex SD®” type

Suitable for applications such as power transmission, conveyance and lifting.

Main characteristics and advantages:

  • Resistant to moisture, grease, oil, petrol, hydrolysis, UV light and ozone.
  • Abrasion resistant
  • No dust produced (suitable for medical application and food industry)
  • High precision in positioning

Cinghie in poliuretano (EN)

"iSync™" polyurethane sleeves
iSync™ Polyurethane sleeves

iSync™ belts are made with special polyurethane compound and high resistance steel tension cords which are processed with a unique and highly sophisticated technology to get a superior polyurethane belt. iSync™ belts offer optimal performances on all type of industrial applications. iSync™ belts are able to transmit up to 30% more than conventional T, AT type of belts in the same space or same power with a more compact drive.

• High power transmission capabilities
• Maintenance free
• Superior length stability
• Very high chemical resistance and particularly to oils, greases and gasoline
• Superior abrasion resistance
• High quality, thermo-set polyurethane designed specifically for timing belt applications
• Available with either steel or Kevlar® reinforcement
• Application temperature -30°C / +100 °C

• Power transmission drives
- where high precision is needed
- where cleanliness is critical
- in difficult environment (presence of chemicals)

• Heavy duty conveying drives
- with special backing
- with cleats

Available profile range
iSync™ belts are available in a standard range in the following profile range:
• T2,5, T5, T10, AT5, AT10

The following profiles and executions are manufactured on request:
• MXL, XL, L, HTD5M, DD (double sided)

iSync™ Polyuretane sleeves (EN)

"T" and "AT" pitch timing pulleys
T and AT timing pulleys and bars

"T" and "AT" timing pulleys and bars

Synchronous conveyor belt

EMF - Mechanical joints with pins
EMF - Mechanical joints with pins - polyurethane belts

EFT - Mechanical grafts with stainless false teeth
EFT - Mechanical grafts with stainless false teeth - polyurethane belts

Backings - polyurethane belts

Welded profiles
Welded profiles - polyurethane belts
Special machinings and customized drillings
Special machinings and customized drillings - polyurethane belts

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