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  • DURALUBE® Chain
  • RING LEADER® O-ring Chain

For applications where regular lubrication is a challenge, DURALUBE can offer a longer lasting solution. This chain is constructed using a one-piece powdered metal bushing/roller combination which has lubricant drawn in under vacuum. In service, this lubricant is released and provides supplemental lubrication to the pin/bushing joint between regularly scheduled maintenance. Generally, the wear life of DURALUBE chain can be fi ve times that of standard (initially lubricated only) chain.

duralube diagram

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RING LEADER® O-ring Chain :
Diamonds’s RING LEADER O-ring chain is specifi cally designed for applications that don’t permit regular lubrication, requiring the chain to depend entirely upon initial factory lubrication throughout its service life. Depending upon the specifi c conditions, RING LEADER can provide up to ten times the wear life of standard chain.

Industries such as agriculture, food processing, packaging, printing, textile and chemical porcessing can introduce contaminants that damage standard chain. Dirt, mud, food particles, paper fi nes, dust and moisture can cause buildup on the chain and clog the openings on standard roller chain where lubrication enteres the pin/bushing area. These contaminants can even get inside the chain, actually damaging the surface of pins and bushings.

RING LEADER O-ring chain is constructed with O-rings that seal a specially formulated lubricant into every joint. This sealed in lubricant is essential for the chain’s optimum wear life and the O-rings also help to seal out and protect the internal surfaces from dirt, contaminants and moisture. Diamond recommends that RING LEADER O-ring chain receive periodic external lubrication to maintain moisture on the external O-ring surfaces and to lubricate roller/sprocket contact surfaces.

Note: Standard RING LEADER O-ring chain can routinely operate in ambient temperatures up to 150° F. For higher temperature requirements, special O-rings can be substituted, allowing operation in temperatures of 400° F or greater. Because the RING LEADER chain lasts up to ten times longer than regular chain, overall economy of operation is improved. With lubrication already sealed into the chain, maintenance expense is lowered. RING LEADER O-ring chain experiences less wear elongation during normal operation, thus providing a longer service life. Life cycle costs of RING LEADER chain can be dramatically less than for standard chain in certain applications which translates into longer lasting roller chain and a real cost savings.

O-ring diagram

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For applications which require the combined benefi ts of DURALUBE design construction and RING LEADER style O-rings and a specially formulated lubricant, DUST STOPPER offers the utmost in specialized protection.

  • Seals dust, dirt and debris out
  • Seals lubrication in
  • Very minimal, if any, secondary lubrication required
  • Improved wear resistance and toughness
  • Combines the advantages of two proven Diamond products:
    • Ring Leader® O-Ring Chain and
    • Duralube® Self-lubrication Chain

DUST STOPPER uses a one piece powdered metal bushing/roller combination which has lubricant drawn in under vacuum and is constructed with O-rings that seal a specially formulated lubricant into every joint. Wear life of DUST STOPPER chain is significantly greater than that of standard (initially lubricated only) chain. Due to the nature of DUST STOPPER chain’s design and construction, ambient temperature should not exceed 120 F and maximum speed limitations should be considered prior to the chain’s selection or installation.

duststopper diagram

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