Our History

ESTABLISHED in 2005, PT PRIMA UNTUNG BERSAMA started with a vision to be a market leader in Power Transmission to serve Industrial and Mining needs for Indonesia. Starting from simple distribution store, now we are Sole Distributor for companies that are the best in their fields for the whole Indonesia area and the South East Asia.

We provide information and educations as our support for partners to be the best in their fields. Our passion and our dedication creates our best team ready to serve you.

We pride ourselves to develop long lasting relationship with our partners and our beliefs is to deliver the best quality products and services to our customer in the right time and at the right price leads us to our Motto : "We are not just selling parts, We are more to partners". We value partnerships above anything else. We welcome companies and organizations with the same vision to be in our partnerships.

Our Business

We have a wide range of product you can choose from the best:

  1. SIT S.p.A - is originated from Italy (http://www.sitspa.com)

    One of the leading power transmission part manufacturer in Europe. With 50 years of experience and offices around the world, SIT S.p.A can provide you with the best products and availability

  2. Diamond Chain Company - USA (http://www.diamondchain.com)

    The best in Roller chain manufacturer very suitable for any industry. Their choice of material and manufacturing process made it possible for you to have long lasting chain and save your time and cost of maintenance

  3. Timken Drives - USA (https://www.timken.com/products/timken-mechanical-power-transmission-products/chain/)

    The best manufacturer in special engineering class chain and conveyor system. Their design and ability to provide the products specially designed according to your needs

  4. LinnGear - USA (http://www.linngear.com)

    A very conservatives yet sophisticated company that is best at making high quality sprockets. Also available for special designed according to special needs

  5. R+W Coupling - Germany (http://www.rw-couplings.com)

    The leader in high precision couplings and torque limiters for automation and robotic industry. The Industry of the future.

Our Services

We have our dedicated team passionly ready to serve you with:

  1. Presale

    Quick response, Initial Inspection, Consultation, and Designing system, Seminar, etc

  2. After Sale

    Warranty, Installation

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