Jul 15


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  • METALDRIVE couplings are fully made of steel and are used in all applications where high reliability, precision, and no maintenance are required.
  • - All steel
  • - Superior disc pack profile and assembly optimized for higher torque and misalignment and lower restoring forces
  • - Maintenance, lubrication and wear free
  • - Backlash free and torsionally rigid
  • - Wide range of temperature allowed: -40 C to 250 C
  • - Easy installation
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Jul 12


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  • Taper Bushing
  • SER-SIT®taper lock bush is designed to give the following:
  • - Perfect assembly
  • - Rapid dismounting of the pulley and other transmission equipment
  • - No special tools requirement except hexagonal key
  • The large range of available finished bores ensures that an immediate assembly can be made thus avoiding costly factory downtime. The bushes are machined with keyways in accordance with UNI and DIN specifications. This is in addition to clamping screws which, in many cases, are sufficient to meet the required torque.
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Jun 28


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  • Fyi, Eagle Pulley memiliki material aluminium, steel, dan cast iron. Torque lebih tinggi dari STD dan hanya membutuhkan sedikit space. Tersedia juga pilot bore dan tapperlock bushing. Eagle Pulley ini tidak memiliki flange, karena bentuk gigi yang terpusat. Salah satu keunggulannya suara yang dihasilkan lebih tenang (tidak berisik). Eagle Pulley ini biasanya diaplikasikan untuk robotic, mixer, dan mesin-mesin manufaktur.
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